People behind Chiasma
Henrik Majdal Kaarsholm
Magnus Havmøller
Freelance Assistant
What are we

Chiasma is a small indenpendent production company specialising in non-fictive, longform, character-driven storytelling. We like to connect products through common values and culture rather than hard branded content.

We like to portray real people, doing real things, in natural light. We believe that it generates a healthier and more organic bond because its honest - we like to think of it, as organic advertising. Our clients range from local businesses to multi-national corporations.

We have a thorough understanding of modern media and are accustomed to formatting content for all outlets and platforms,

What does [ kahy-az-muh ] mean?

In latin "Chiasma" refer to an intersection or a crossing. In anatomy Chiasma is used to define the X-shaped structure formed at the point below the brain where the optic nerve from each eye cross over each other. This structure is called Chiasma Opticus and is responsible for the modulation of the signals running from your eye's through the optical nerves and into your brain. The modulation forms the image.