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In 2020 we started collaborating with Copenhagen based "Larry Vs Harry", one of the worlds leading Cargo bike companies. They had for some time been working on a new company website and wanted to add more video into their new universe. We pitched our ideas for a unique way of displaying the abilities and variations of their product without compromising their company visual identity - authentic, transparent and honest content.

The specific request was a headerfilm on the landing page. After some R&D we landed on the idea of a film that simply "cycled" through different users of the bike, with different hardware and cargo. Basically we put a note out on a few Facebook user-forums, asking if anyone would care to join the shoot. All they had to do was show up. It was important that they came dressed as they normally would, when riding the bike.

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Creating a sense of depth and dimensionality is key for any brand moving beyond simpel awareness. This dimensionality comes from content like testimonials, tutorials, reviews, explainers etc. An obvious place to start for a company with a product with such technicality as a bike, was workshop tutorials.

Larry Vs. Harry's HQ is situated at the bottom of a old industrial warehouse, it's a fairly big office space with big windows, natually it holds a big bike workshop. This workshop turned out to be the perfect location for creating a fixed "studio" for shooting explainers and tutorials. 

We fitted space with permanent studio lights and overhead mic's. We did touched the set design minimally which just add's to the company DNA, honest and true visual identity. All we actually did was get a slate laser engraved with logo's.

We are currently working on a handfull of other exiting things for LVH - we will publish that here once they are online.

We have a deep devotion to aesthetially beautiful content that capture an audience because of its originality. We have a huge admiration for, and love working with companies like Larry Vs. Harry, because they dare to do things differently.

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