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TrygFonden Surf LifesavingTrygFonden is a danish foundation working entirely with charitable work. One of the long-time projects have been the focus on drowning related death's. In 1998 TrygFonden brought their own lifesaving service to life - which has evolved from simple scaffold lifeguard towers and almost no education to one of the most advanced educations in the world, with some of the best tools you can get.
We have collaborated with TrygFonden Surf Lifesaving for more than a decade, providing stills and moving images for publications, educational material, brochures and much more. We love being thrown in at the deep end. Working with such skilled lifeguards require us to perform our best given that some scenarios can be quite rough. 

We supplied the cover photo and a plethora of images for the 3rd edition of the danish book about Lifesaving.